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Key metrics

See your key SaaS metrics: MRR, active subscribers, active trials, accounts converting today, accounts and trials canceling - all at a glance.

Key SaaS Metrics
Active trials

Active trials

See how many active trials you have, the MRR value of them if they convert, and the increase within the last 24 hours (since your last digest).

Add multiple Stripe accounts

Add as many Stripe accounts as you want to get SaaS Pulse digests for each of your app.

Accounts converted in last 24 hours

See the specific accounts that have converted to trial to paying in the last 24 hours (since your last digest), and the MRR value if they convert.

Trial conversions
Accounts canceling

Accounts canceling

Get details on which accounts are set to cancel, and optionally reach out to try to salvage them before they officially churn.

Trials canceling

Get details on which trials are set to cancel, and optionally reach out to try to salvage them and turn them into customers.

Trials canceling

Invite your team

Invite your team members for each Stripe account so nobody is left behind.

SaaS Pulse has literally enabled me to keep a "pulse" of the state of Aware each morning. Seeing the recent and upcoming trial conversions and their affect on our MRR really makes it easy to feel our progress.

Mac Martine
Co-founder of Aware

This is a life-saver. Finally, simple analytics that still give me the complete picture, with no effort.

Joseph Rodriguez
CEO of Reform

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